Bristol Orbit Club's Holiday to London September 2012

Below left:  view of front of Bankside House

LSE B&B Hotel just behind The Globe.                                                         Below:  Rosemary and Mike wait for the Thames

                                                                                                                       Clipper to go to Greenwich.

Below:  Our first view of the magnificent Cutty Sark at Greenwich
We thoroughly recommend this new attraction to everyone.

Below:  This is "Nanny the witch" the original figurehead on Cutty Sark.  There is a copy on the boat itself.

The 5 Orbit Members who came on this holiday all did different things during the visit.   We meet up for dinner every night to discuss our day's activities.
One evening we attended "The Taming of The Shrew" at The Globe, next to our hotel which we all really enjoyed.  Wear warm clothes and rent a cushion and you will be fine.  Shakespeare at it's best.

Bristol Orbit Club will be returning to the Bankside Hotel in London for a week in September 2015.

And, surprisingly,who should we meet on the deck of Cutty Sark but "Time Team's" Tony Robinson.  We often spot him around in Bristol.

Had a lovely walk along the Thames Path towards Westminster and on to visit Churchill's War Rooms.  Also thoroughly recommended.

We all had a wonderful holiday at the LSE Bankside again.  It's a nice, plain and clean B&B Hotel run by the LSE which is very inexpensive considering it's brilliant location on Bankside, immediately behind The Globe and 2 mins from the Millennium Bridge.  Open from June - October.

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